Centro Monitorização e Interpretação Ambiental – CMIA

The municipality of Viana do Castelo has legal and strategic responsibilities in terms of planning, management and territorial organization. These include the administration of the hydrographic basins integrated in the Divisão Municipal de Recursos Naturais (Municipal Division of Natural Resources). 

In addition, it has teams dedicated to raise public awareness and promote environmental education, such as the Centro de Monitorização e Interpretação Ambiental (Environmental Monitoring and Interpretation Center), also known as CMIA, and the Centro de Mar (Sea Center), installed in the Gil Eannes hospital ship. These centers have developed several actions devoted to rivers and the aquatic environment where the projects “O rio perto de ti” (“The River Close to You”) and “Mar perto de ti” (“The Sea Close to You”) stand out. These projects have made it possible to carry out educational programs that have been available in schools since 2009. This entity has also produced several educational and informative resources which are available in different formats (traveling exhibitions, guides, educational catalogues, videos, etc.)


Centro de Monitorização e Interpretação Ambiental

Address: Rua da Argaçosa, Meadela 4900-394 Viana do Castelo. Portugal.

Coordenates: 41.696779 N -8.818148 W

Telephone: +351 258 809 362

Contact: Leonor Cruz