Centro Tecnológico del Mar – Fundación CETMAR

The CETMAR (Centro Tecnológico del Mar – Fundación CETMAR) is an entity with extensive experience in promoting cooperation between the different stakeholders in the R&D&I system. The CETMAR’s field of action extends to the national, European and international spheres, and all public and private sectors related to marine resources benefit from its activity. It has a vast experience in performing the coordination and communication tasks of European and cross-border projects, as well as in organizing seminars and forums, coordinating platforms, editing newsletters and communication materials, websites, etc. The CETMAR will assume the communication and transfer of knowledge tasks in the NOR-WATER project.


Centro Tecnológico del Mar – Fundación CETMAR

Address: C/ Eduardo Cabello, s/n. Vigo. 36208 Pontevedra. España.

Telephone: +34 986 247 047 Fax: +34 986 296 019

Contact: Raquel Diez

Email: nor-water@cetmar.org