APA-ARH do Norte


Agência Portuguesa do Ambiente, IP-Administração da Região Hidrográfica do Norte

The mission of the APA/ARH do Norte (Portuguese Environment Agency/Administration of the Northern Hydrographic Region) is to propose, develop and support the management of environmental and sustainable development policies with the aim of maintaining a high level of protection and enhancement of the environment. The national water authority is responsible for proposing, developing and supporting the implementation of water resources policies for their protection and enhancement through the planning and management of these resources and water uses.

This entity is also in charge of developing a strategy for the protection and integrated management of the coast. The main competences of the APA/ARH are those of managing, monitoring, issuing licenses, and controlling water resources. To that aim, it will put its knowledge and competences at the service of the NOR-WATER project.  Thanks to the exploration of the monitoring networks implemented in the territorial area of the ARH do Norte, an extensive historical record of data and technical knowledge of high value for the project are currently available.


APA – ARH do Norte

Address: Rua Formosa, n.º 254. 4049-030 Porto. Portugal.

Telephone: +351 223 400000

Email: arhn.geral@apambiente.pt.