Asociación Naturalista Baixo Miño

ANABAM (Naturalist Association of Baixo Miño) is a conservationist entity of naturalistic and ecological character. Its working area is the Galician-Portuguese region of the Baixo Miño. This region, in the Galician section, is formed by the municipalities of Tui, Tomiño, O Rosal, A Guarda and Oia. In the Portuguese section, the municipalities of Valença do Minho, Vila Nova de Cerveira and Caminha and the northern section of the parish of Carreço are part of this natural region. 

It is an independent and apolitical entity, not related to any company, institution, social group, etc. 

This conservationist association develops activities and projects related to natural heritage, environmental education and cultural and ethnographic heritage directly or indirectly linked to nature.


Asociación Naturalista Baixo Miño

Address: Calvario, 44 bajo. A Guarda, Pontevedra. España.

Telephone: +34 6180557

Contact: Manuel A. Pombal