EFACEC Power Solutions

EFACEC Power Solutions is the largest Portuguese company in the field of energy, engineering and mobility, with a strong international presence and subsidiaries in over 65 countries. The Efacec Group is the world leader in the market of fast charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

In the environmental area, EFACEC offers integrated solutions that range from the project conception to the implementation and exploration of systems.

With regard to water quality management, EFACEC is in charge of:

  • Stations for water treatment.
  • Effluent treatment plants (ETPs), both domestic and industrial.
  • Water collection, pumping and conveyance stations.
  • Systems exploration: automation, control and monitoring of processes.
  • Waste treatment and recovery systems.
  • Remote management systems that allow the monitoring, management and operation of water and sanitation networks, irrigation networks and networks related to the area of waste.


Address: Via de Francisco Sá Carneiro
Apartado 3078. 4471-907 Moreira da Maia. Portugal

Email: sgps@efacec.pt