Águas do Norte


Águas do Norte

Águas do Norte (Northern Waters) S.A. was established by Decree-Law no. 93/2015, of 29th May, through the aggregation of the companies Águas do Douro e Paiva, S.A., Águas do Noroeste, S.A., Águas de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro, S.A. and SIMDOURO – Saneamento do Grande Porto, S.A., integrated in the Grupo Águas de Portugal (Waters of Portugal Group). As a result, the Portuguese state awarded the Group, on an exclusive basis, the awarding for the management and operation of the multimunicipal water supply and sanitation system in northern Portugal, for a period of thirty years. 

On 1st February 2017, pursuant to Decree-Law no. 16/2017, the multimunicipal water supply system for the south of Grande Porto (Greater Porto) and the multimunicipal sanitation system for Grande Porto were created. This was due to the division of the multimunicipal water supply and sanitation system for northern Portugal. Their respective managing bodies were Águas do Douro e Paiva, S.A. and SIMDOURO – Saneamento do Grande Porto, S.A. 

Currently, Águas do Norte is the managing entity of the multimunicipal system responsible for the collection, treatment and supply of water for public consumption. It is also in charge of the collection, treatment and disposal of domestic, urban and industrial effluents and effluents from septic tanks. 

Águas do Norte also assumes the operation and management of the water system for the northwest region, as a result of the association of the state (central administration) with 8 municipalities (local administrations). It brings together, in a single management entity, the “raw” (provided by the municipalities) and “treated” (provided by the end users) water supply and sanitation of wastewater services on a regular, continuous and efficient basis. 

The operation and management of such systems includes the design, construction, scope, conservation, repair, renovation, maintenance and improvement of the works and infrastructures, as well as the acquisition of the equipment and installations needed to carry out these activities.


Águas do Norte

Address: Rua Dom Pedro de Castro, n.º 1A. 5000-669 Vila Real. Portugal

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