Augas de Galicia


aUgas de galicia

Augas de Galicia (Waters of Galicia) is the autonomous body attached to the Consellería de Medio Ambiente e Infraestructuras (Regional Ministry of Environment and Infrastrucures) of the Xunta de Galicia (Galician Autonomous Government) that manages the Galicia-Costa demarcation. It develops the competences of the Xunta de Galicia with regard to water management and assumes the whole water administration of Galicia. 

The competences of Augas de Galicia, according to the Ley de Aguas de Galicia (Galician Water Act), are as follows: 

  1. With regard to the management of intraregional basins, the powers that the legal system currently in force in the field of water shall attribute to basin organizations, as well as those that are specifically regulated in this Act and in the rest of the applicable legislation.
  1. In relation to interregional basins, the participation in the hydrological planning and the representation of the Comunidad Autónoma de Galicia (Autonomous Region of Galicia) in the state’s basin organizations, as established in the applicable legislation.
  1. In the field of waterworks:
  • The planning, programming, design, construction and operation of waterworks declared of interest to the Comunidad Autónoma de Galicia by the Consello (Council) of the Xunta.
  • The promotion of the declaration of works of general interest before the Administración General (General Administration) of the state.
  • The drafting of projects, construction and operation of works of the state’s general interest under the conditions set by the relevant agreements to be signed between Augas de Galicia and the competent body of the Administración General.
  • The participation in the construction and operation of waterworks under the jurisdiction of Galician local authorities in accordance with the provisions stated in this Act.
  1. With regard to territorial and urban planning, it corresponds to Augas de Galicia the exercise of the powers mentioned in section 39 of the Ley de Augas de Galicia.
  1. In relation to water supply and sanitation:
  • The organization of raw water supply and sanitation services.
  • The elaboration of the Galician general plans for supply and sanitation services, in accordance with the provisions stated in Chapter III of this Act. These shall include the criteria for coordinating the actions of competent local authorities in the field of supply and sanitation.
  • The promotion for the creation of consortiums and associations in order to improve the provision of supply and sanitation services.
  1. With regard to discharges:
  • The authorization and monitoring of urban or industrial water discharges into public domain water and the possible reuse of effluents, as well as the other duties that the legislation generally assigns to basin organizations.
  • The authorization of works and installations for discharges from land into the waters of the Galician coast and the exercise of surveillance duties over them.
  1. The preparation and proposal to the competent regional ministry on water issues of the rules that shall be necessary for the development of this Act and its subsequent elevation, if appropriate, to the Consello of the Xunta, as well as the execution of the actions that are attributed to it by law or applicable regulations.
  1. In tax matters, acting as an active subject in relation to the application of taxes on the water issues regulated by this Act, as established in existing regulations.


Augas de Galicia

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